Rare & Limited Caramel Yum Yum Jr

The Rare & Limited Caramel Yum Yum Jr is 9 years old.

This sucker is a well balanced, rounded flavor profile & not so much of a flavor journey.

Upfront is delicate light caramel which quickly transitions into big heavy oak char. The oak char sits on the back of the tongue where its joined by a wave of maple syrup and honey.

Cinnamon spice and dark oak spices join in the flavor extravaganza on your tongue.

The big char and spices settle down, and you’re left with a nice simple syrup, honey coating. At 120.1 proof, ethanol heat only adds to the beautiful complexity.

Entry Requirements

In an effort to create as fair a playing field as possible, we will be using a randomizer to select buyers for the Rare & Limited Caramel Yum Yum Jr. To register, you will need to enter your name, email and shipping address in the form below. Please only register if you are prepared to purchase a bottle, if selected. "*Rare & Limited Caramel Yum Yum Jr price is $237.99**. Registration will close on Sunday (11/27) at midnight PST. Drawing will happen Monday (11/28) and all winners will be emailed by 3pm PST the same day. All other applicants will not receive an email.