M155-166 Single Barrel Notes

Barrel # Proof Bottle Count  Tasting Notes
M155 115.4 204 Creme brulee and rich dessert sweetness, a bourbon drinkers rye with layers of toffee, cocoa and honey.
M156 114.8 156 Funky rye, green apple, ginger, hint of bitter oak and brown sugar
M157 115.7 204 Bold rye spice with a twist of sourdough, rich oak, sweet butter cream and candied ginger.
M158 115.1 186 Ginger snap cookies and cracked pepper, heavy creme brulee and caramelized sugar. Dash of cocoa
M159 116.6 210 Sweet apple pie, nutmeg, rich brown sugar and honey.
M160 115.3 210 Herbal, packed with rye spice. Spearmint, honey, stewed fruit and cracked pepper.
M161 115.4 216 Vanilla bean ice cream and sweet butterscotch, blended nicely with fresh pie crust and sweet toasted oak.
M162 115.8 216 Apple butter and cinnamon come together with punchy rye and fresh cracked pepper.
M163 115.5 222 Fruity and full of spice: apples, orange peel, tobacco and creme brulee.
M165 115.9 186 Cocoa and butter cream on the nose with a rich helping of sweet caramel and toffee
M166 114.8 222 Creme brulee, maple and punchy rye spice with a drizze of butterscotch.