Smoke Wagon Single Barrel

Barrel # Proof Bottle Count  Tasting Notes
M14 117.54 222 Sweet butter cream, caramel and rye bread. Orange peel and cardamom.
M15 115.16 222 Toffee, graham cracker crust, creme brulee and zesty rye
M16 119.09 222 Creme brulee, caramelized sugar, cocoa, ginger and butterscotch
M17 118.02 222 Apple butter, brown sugar and vanilla bean, dessert forward, light rye spice.
M18 117.57 216 Fresh bread, cracked pepper, zesty ginger and toffee, caramel candies, vanilla bean
M19 117 208 Huge rye character, brown sugar, herbal kick and pepper from start to finish.
M21 117.65 222 Packed with fruit: pear, apple, cocoa, punchy oak and caramel candies.
M22 117.66 222 Brown butter, toffee and warm oatmeal cookie, vanilla, brown sugar.
M23 115 222 Hefty rye spice, candied ginger, cracked pepper, toasted oak.
M25 117.63 216 Vanilla bean, stewed apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, cracked pepper.
M26 117.9 228 Funky and full of rye bread, sweet caramel, honey, sourdough and espresso.
M27 115.15 222 Bold oak, punchy spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cracked pepper and maple.